Can you live without a charger on holiday (as an experiment)?

I've been curious about this ever since I got my new smartphone,the Samsung Galaxy S5 as it now has an interesting new feature called 'Ultra Power saving' (bit of a mouthful I'll admit but that's what they call it) which can make your phone last up to a day on 10% charge or 12.5 days on a full battery charge.Read more here.
Why would I want to leave home without a charger?You'll probably be asking.Well the simply reason is to save space in my sachel style bag or cabin suitcase on short trips to places in Europe.Another reason for me is,I'll never have to worry about carrying or losing chargers in hotel rooms again.Third reason is since manufacturers have finally been able to make improvements in terms of runtime of our gadgets (with advancements in power saving technology),I think why not reduce our dependency on having to plug our smartphones,tablets and other gadgets into the mains as this would help the environment too.

Speaking of which I discovered that I can live without a charger for my digital camera and iPad Air since I have 4 batteries which are always ready for my camera and my iPad lasts for around 4 days (since all I do is web surfing and work on it) without a charger.

For those of you who don't know much about the Samsung Galaxy S5's Ultra Power saving mode,here's a guide to help you with a demonstration on how it works here.

I also want to spend more time travelling and enjoying my holiday without having to worry about keeping my gadgets charged up or even carrying chargers at all as the memories are priceless.I say cut the cord and enjoy your holiday as I feel life is too short to worry about this as I go on holiday to relax,not continue working (like you would back home as a holiday is supposed to be a break from everything) :)

Just curious,how many of you can live without a charger on a short holiday?Or would this be too much to ask of our smartphones/gadgets? Post your thoughts here in the comments section.


  1. Interesting idea but I'd rather take a charger and be able to use my phone fully. It's easy to find compact travel chargers which will fit in any bag

  2. That's the great thing about modern chargers,they're so small.I do manage to use my phone fully thankfully.What I do is I use the phone as normal during the day,then when I go to sleep (which I forgot to mention in my post),I switch the phone to 'Ultra Power Saving mode' and 'Air plane mode' as well to save power,then the next day,switch my phone back to normal.I get 3 days from a single charge doing this (full use of phone during the day,'ultra power saving mode' when I sleep).