Challenge:How can you pack for a 3 day trip to Europe in a very small suitcase/sachel bag?

Since I posted on here how I managed to fit 5 days worth of stuff into a small cabin suitcase (Easyjet sized),that post made me think of something,is it even possible to do away with having a suitcase at all (cabin and hold suitcases)?
Well I discovered that an increasing number of people are resorting to wearing special jackets that can actually store luggage items that would normally go into your cabin suitcase or even your hold luggage.See here for more info.

Ever since more people have been switching to budget airlines to cut costs,a growing number have started to charge for checking in luggage into the hold as well as charging you for carrying cabin luggage if it exceeds the weight limit (which can be as paltry as 5kg with one airline meaning that most of the time you'll end up paying fines with that airline for overweight luggage).

An interesting example of this kind of jacket (that looks nice) is here http://www.coldelrosso.com/en/design/flytrench/#more-731

New Coldelrosso’s FlyTrench

While I think it's ridiculous to me that airlines are charging for things that once used to be free only a decade ago,I can understand that the cost of fuel has risen significantly over the last decade,however I find that this is an excuse to charge us a ridiculous amount of money for tickets or extra 'levies' that were previously unheard of.

I do think and I'm curious to see if its possible for other people (not just me) to pack for a 3 day trip to Europe in either a very small suitcase (the smallest you can find on the market in the UK) or a satchel bag (it'll require more elaborate packing techniques in order to get all your essentials in.Note how I said essentials not stuff you can easily get from the hotel for free when you arrive there or carrying too many clothes/gadgets).

This is a great guide if you want to beat the charges that budget airlines often impose on you for booking,checking in and flying with them.

I would like to challenge you to pack for a 3 day trip to Europe in a very small cabin suitcase or a satchel bag (perhaps even a very small backpack),to see if we can further reduce the weight of our possessions without worrying about dragging a suitcase or losing things at the airport.

I know that this is a little off-topic but since I was impressed with this guide for packing (not 3 days,5 days,not 1 week but) 2 weeks into your cabin suitcase which is simply amazing (though this won't work with an EasyJet sized suitcase as these are a fair bit smaller than standard cabin suitcases) I'm including it here:

As I also want to learn as well how to make packing for future holiday travel more efficient for myself as I feel that I have a lot to learn in terms of getting rid of unnecessary things on top of making sure packing doesn't take so long for me to finish.

While I'm here I'd also like to recruit some part time guest writers to expand the content of the blog so that it can be more enjoyable/useful to everyone in the world as well as be the trusted source of travel tips (like the BBC is a trusted broadcaster in the UK).

Please reply to this post with suggestions on the challenge in the comments section here and if you can also tweet,+1,or share this online,we can really make sure that the blog continues to expand and become a better place for everyone. :)

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