Repost.The strangest import bans from around the world

I just discovered this article when I was trying to see if there was a reason given for Nigeria banning the import of mineral bottled water (as in the UK we drink this stuff freely yet in Nigeria it's a crime to even bring it with you).How strange is that?


Journal of my trip to Rome (part 5)

I hope you're enjoying this as much as I enjoyed my trip to Rome and taking such beautiful photos.This is where we travel to the Vatican during our adventures in august.Without further delay,here they are. :-)

It's been a while

Hi everyone,
I know it's been quite a while since I last posted the updates to the Rome adventure journal,


My visit to the ITV studio at the start of this week (6/10/2013) .

Since I'm feeling generous this week,I just thought that you'd be interested in my visit to the ITV studios in Leeds.This visit was an invitation from ITV to talk about the Sea of Change campaign that me and my colleagues are involved in (@Seaofchangefilm on twitter)

Journal of my trip to Rome (part 4)

Hi and welcome to another installment of the journal of my trip to Rome.I know that some of you may be getting a little bored of the installments.


Journal of my trip to Rome (Part 3)

Hello and welcome to another installment of the journal to Rome.Since the last time I posted,I've seen a lot of views so before I post,I'd like to take the oppourtunity to say thanks to all my visitors for making the blog what it is today.


Journal for my Rome trip (part 2)

Welcome back and take a look at part 2 of my journal for my trip to Rome.It's already been a while since I last made a post but I just couldn't keep the excitement all to myself,so without further delay here are the photos.