My visit to the ITV studio at the start of this week (6/10/2013) .

Since I'm feeling generous this week,I just thought that you'd be interested in my visit to the ITV studios in Leeds.This visit was an invitation from ITV to talk about the Sea of Change campaign that me and my colleagues are involved in (@Seaofchangefilm on twitter)

See the trailer below for more information.

I got an ITV mug as well as get to see a live news broadcast in progress which is really exciting.

Photo of the live news studio

...and of the ITV mug I was given by the kind staff at the ITV branch in Leeds (Yorkshire branch)


  1. Holy f---! You got invited to the ITV studios? You are one cool guy :)

  2. Thanks a lot.I was quite lucky in a way as not many people can say they were invited by a major TV studio :-)