Journal of my trip to Rome (part 4)

Hi and welcome to another installment of the journal of my trip to Rome.I know that some of you may be getting a little bored of the installments.
The truth is since I have so many exciting photos that I couldn't fit them all into one post and also I wanted to make it easier for all my visitors to view them without being overloaded by the photos so I'd like to think that I take good care of my visitors on here just like Rome took care of me.

This week you'll all get to see and enjoy the amazing Trevi fountain as well as the surrounding areas leading up to it.Trust me you won't be disappointed. :-)

Can I ask you a favour? I know many of you enjoy the blog but would it be possibe to check out the other stuff I offer like my shop,Youtube channel and keep up to date with my adventures on Twitter (and follow me on twitter too)? I feel that since I'm offering a lot,I'm hoping that some of you will consider spreading the word about my shop (revenue helps me to make this great site even better) as well as everything else I offer.Hey it's only fair,right? :-)

Anyway without further delay,here's the fourth installment to my journal.

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