Update on Can you guess how I managed to fit 5 days into a small cabin case?

Well it's been a while since I last posted on here but I was so busy sorting things out that can make my journey into TV a little easier but anyway since this is a travel blog,I'll get back on topic.

I'm posting some updates so I can reveal to my readers/visitors how I managed to fit 5 days worth of things into a small (read EasyJet sized) cabin case.

Well I made the following changes:
1.I made a substitution with some clothing items,since I opted to keep trousers for now in there.
The substitution is:instead of wearing a T-Shirt and a button shirt like I normally have to do,just wear one long sleeve shirt as you save half the space your shirts would take up otherwise.

2.I substituted my travel adaptor (dual euro adaptor) for one of these Worldwide Travel Adaptor with Twin USB Charger
as it was more compact and allowed me to charge both my iPad Air and Galaxy S5 (upgraded my phone recently) at the same time as well as using other things as normal too,so it was a win win situation for me.Less really is more.

3.Replaced my various vitamins with one tube of multi-vitamins as I managed to fit in 1 extra day's worth of shirts,underwear and socks.Talk about a huge saving.When travelling abroad you do need to find a way to stay healthy as you can find yourself eating food abroad which isn't exactly good for you and also it'll keep your immune system up,especially in countries that have difficult environments (very hot,developing countries with little/no available health care facilities if you get ill).

4.Bought myself a multi-purpose phone case meaning that I can store cash,cards and my phone in one thing instead of carrying a separate wallet which I lose sometimes (meaning that I don't need to store my wallet in my suitcase to safeguard against pick pockets from the airport to the hotel anymore.) which makes life easier.

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