My recommended things to carry list for travel destinations

First of all,I'd like to say thanks for all the visits and appreciation you have shown me.Just a heads up,this post is inspired by the iPad Air.
I ordered it before christmas and I recieved it in the New Year (I wanted to leave my laptop at home more often as they're heavy).

I'm getting on well with it so far (my only niggle is the iTunes software as it doesn't let me drag and drop files but iPad itself is great though).OK I'll get to the point.I've always wanted to write a list of things that I carry during my travels and which I think may help some of you too but never had the chance before so here it is.

Disclaimer:Don't take the list of recommendations as an endorsement of any particular brand/product,just take them as more of a guideline as your travel needs will vary from mine.

Here's what I think no traveller should be without where ever you go:
1.Phone (or smartphone as most of you have one anyway plus they are feather light compared to your luggage anyway)
2.iPad Air or any other tablet that suits you,as there are sometimes when you need to use a computer but don't want to pay extra for using one in an internet cafe abroad or when you wish to leave that heavy ton of bricks (otherwise known as your laptop) at home.Hey it's good for your back,luggage allowance and your pocket too. :-)
3.Digital camera (they take great pictures without too much effort and everyone's got one,well most of you.Saves you from having to whip out your phone as in some countries,pick pockets are a big problem and I'd rather have them take my camera than my smartphone any day.)
4.Basic medications (commonly found OTC painkillers,anti-allergy meds and anything else you find necessary)
5.Sunscreen as most places will have a lot of sun (compared to the UK) and the last thing you want is to get burnt (and turned into a crisp).
6.Your clothes as you need to cover up/need something to wear (you don't really expect to get away with walking naked do you or like this?-Link may offend some people but it's part of this example) especially in more religious countries where they can be a pain in the backside about it.It's also smart to respect other cultures so they don't give you grief on your holiday.
7.Sunglasses (as they look cool and will make sure you don't get dazzled by strong sunlight,especially nearer to the equator/the (north/south) poles.
8.Cabin Suitcase (as you can take it with you on the plane and stuff all your essentials in it without worrying about losing them at luggage pickup at your destination)
9.Any basics you deem essential in addition to this. Say so in the comments so I can make my posts even better :-)

Ok here are my recommendations for a 2-4 day stay on holiday:
1.Tablet computer so you can access the internet when you need it/copy your photos off your digital camera so you can make room for even more great snaps. (any recent iPad or android tablet will do the job nicely).Carrying a laptop for such a short stay is just a waste of time. (If you really have to travel lighter in this area,you can pick an Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi (White) if you prefer Apple or if you're not too fussed you can pick one of these Google Nexus 7 Tablet (16GB)
b.If you're prepared to stock up on memory cards or can wait until you get home,ditch the tablet/laptop to make your gear even easier to carry.
2.(Smart)phone so you can let your family and people you care about that you're ok/hopefully having a great time.
3.At least 2 pairs of trousers plus PJs (if you carry only two,plan to do some laundry so you don't end up feeling sticky/sweaty after a while.)
4.Up to 4 pairs of underwear (one for each day,ideally you should have no more than 2 spare pairs on top of that in case the unexpected happens)
5.Digital camera for taking some great photos (if you can accommodate it,if not just use your phone to take photos)
6.Suncream (buy a 100ml sized bottle if you want to have it in your cabin case due to TSA/other rules in most countries-silly rules I know but there we are)
7.Basic OTC medicines/vitamin supplements if you feel that you'll need them (advice is keep them in the original packaging so that customs won't think you're sneaking in something that you shouldn't as not everyone in other countries will be as understanding as the UK for this,I found).If not just leave them at home and save the space for something else.
8.At least 4 T shirts and other clothes that you need.

That's about it for the short stay.Who wants to know what I took with me to Rome (3 day stay) in just a cabin sized suitcase?Well I'll tell you:
1.Vitamin supplements (Vitamin C tablets,Vitamin D drops,Calcium/Magnesium supplements)
2.Digital camera (Canon PowerShot SX40 HSas it's a great long distance shooter and I took many of the great photos that you saw from my Rome visit on this blog) and 4 batteries,Weiss Li-Ion Battery Pack/charger)
3.Travel adaptor with 2 UK sockets with a nice blue light on it.(Design Go Adaptor Duo Plug Adapter (UK - EU)

4.Toiletries (shower gel,deodorant,etc)
5.My smartphone of course as how can I cope with a boring flight with a rude flight attendant (there's always one to spoil things,the rest were brilliant) on EasyJet otherwise?Along with phone charger.
6.Clothes (2 trousers,4 T shirts,4 boxers,2 long sleeve shirts as I underestimated how many I actually needed,oops)
7.Face towel (makes life easier)
8.Portable phone charger plus it's own mains charger and that's about it.Hope you found that of interest.

I created this to encourage discussion between other people who are avid explorers of different places from around the world as well as get it out there so hope you enjoyed reading this (as much as I enjoyed writing this which is a lot for me) and see you next time :-)

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