Upcoming trip to Rome

I will be going to Rome in less than 4 days time
and I'm very excited about the trip.I've heard many things (both good and not so positive) but I'll be able to see what Rome is really like.I hope it's as fascinating as they say in the guides.

I'll get to visit the following places on my trip:
1.The city
2.The Vatican (and see Pope Francis in person hopefully not to mention get some film of him is it's ok with The Vatican)
3.Great places to eat out (and which to avoid)
4.The rest of Rome and shoot a short film there too for a future film series (stay tuned for this one everyone)

Expect to hear more very soon.

To catchup with me,follow me on twitter (@Film2240) for the latest updates on my life and my trip.Enjoy :-)

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