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As a person who likes to blog about his travelling adventures as I go to more places around the UK and the world,I do feel that in order to make this worthwhile I will need you,my fellow readers to support me from time to time. You can support me in any way including:

1.Spreading the word about this blog in anyway you can,you could just tweet,post on FaceBook,write about it on your blogs and websites.Basically do whatever you can to help spread the word.

2.You could donate to help keep this blog running and help it expand the range of content.

3.I'll be selling off some adspace to help fund some much needed expansion on the site (I will be selling off some slots on this site too)

4.Since I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only person who loves to travel whenever I get the chance,I'm looking into getting people to guest write for us regarding their adventures while travelling to expand the range of content on here.




If you use Doge Coins please donate them here: DQGfoWh4SEHjWrcs9vhrRY8jej5rS4gQYH

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